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    Panama City, 2017

    Project Title Concrete Terrace / Rooftop

    Project Brief

    An apartment in a residential area of Paitilla in Panama City had serious water filtration problems, originating from the terrace rooftop above. Several roof coating solutions were tried, including cementitious, but all failed. The client decided to remove the tiles from the terrace rooftop, along with the existing waterproof system, and have it replaced with a high performance coating. SPI’s ElastaFLEX™ HP polyurea coating and Envelo-Seal™ 2.7lb roofing foam were chosen for their strong waterproofing abilities.

    Our Solution


    The roof was cleared down to the concrete, which was prepared according to industry standards. SPI’s Polyprime™ SC, single component primer was applied to the concrete, followed by 1-1/2 inches of SPI’s EnveloSeal™ 2.7lb spray foam roof coating solution, adding a layer of thermal insulation to the building. SPI’s high elongation ElastaFlex™ HP polyurea coating was spray applied over the EnveloSeal™ roofing foam layer to protect the spray foam from UV degradation, and to create a monolithic waterproof membrane. The protective lining was covered with sand and a leveling cement to prepare it for the finishing layer of decorative tile slabs.

    With no more leaking, this multi-layer roof coating solution gave new life to a rooftop terrace that could be enjoyed by the client for many more years.

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