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    Staingard peelable film

    protecting site assets and fixtures during construction and renovation

    Are you fighting against escalating costs of damaged assets during construction and renovation?

    The costs of protecting site assets and fixtures during construction and renovation work are escalating significantly. If you don’t protect glazing, fixtures and fittings during this work the cost of remedial work can be equally significant.

    As an example, if you are working on a high rise building, the most easily damaged area is the glazing. Historically, if protection is applied, it is normally in the form of boards/sheeting and masking. This method has its pitfalls. It is time consuming, labour intensive, not particularly resilient, and still needs a full clean down after the work is completed; all adding to the cost. There is a simpler, less labour intensive and ultimately less costly method of achieving this

    We are currently championing three peelable film product variants which encompass differing areas of protection including (but not limited to) glazing, steel protector, interior wall and surface protection, and protection during asbestos removal. All with easy application and removal procedures, potentially reducing labour costs, clean-up costs and waste.

    Attached you will find a precis of the three products and we would really like to demonstrate them to you.

    Staingard PF

    The bedrock of the product range.

    Staingard PF is sprayed on the inside and outside of glazing panels. This coating is applied with an airless paint sprayer, roller or brush, after the glazing is placed in situ. There is normally much work to be done after the glazing is installed. Therefore, an efficient and durable solution is vital to protect the glazing from damage and dirt, like grinding sparks and cement chunks. Windows and glass doors can still be opened and closed without damaging the coating. When the construction is finalised the protective layer is easily removed like a normal plastic film.

    Staingard AC

    Staingard AC is a coating for uncoated steel surfaces applied with a paint brush, roller or airless paint sprayer. This coating dries out in a short time to a flexible, solid, protective foil that prevents corrosion from occurring. This foil can easily be removed in one go when the protection is no longer needed.

    • Prevents the formation of corrosion.
    • UV and bad weather resistant.
    • Time saving because of easy and quick application.
    • For both internal and external protection, short and long term.

    Staingard PAF

    Staingard PAF is a low odour liquid, based on natural polymers, which is applied by preference with an airless paint spray machine, but can also be applied with suitable roller or paintbrush. It dries to a flexible and peelable temporary protection film for use on different types of porous and non-porous substrates such as painted walls, concrete surfaces, wall paper, etc.

    Staingard PAF has been developed as a protective peelable coating for inside walls, floors, etc. during asbestos removal works.

    Staingard PAF is for internal use only and should not be used on windows. Staingard PAF does not contain any solvents.

    Please contact us if you would like further information or would like to attend an open day where you can learn more about the materials and see them in action.

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