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    Proven and reliable solutions in the most challenging of environments



    We are an experienced supplier, contractor and trusted advisor to the Marine sector, with over 40 years experience in materials science we have developed a range of polyurea coatings that can help to reduce the impact of common problems experienced by the Marine sector, such as sea air and sea water corrosion.

    Our innovative solutions provide protection for steel, aluminum, wood and fiberglass both above and below the waterline. Our marine coatings are used in abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistant applications throughout the Marine sector.

    We have worked with closely with major companies and government organisations to develop technologies that can be applied to marine vessels to provide protection and improve speed and efficiency on the water.

    We have access to the worlds finest coating technologies, and offer a full bespoke support service including recommendations, training of staff and installing machinery packages through to full project management and on site presence. Our NACE trained staff can guide and assist in project development and implementation as well as help with the self auditing of systems. Call now.

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