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    Coating products & solutions

    The performance coatings and technical solutions our company offers

    What we do

    The high performance solutions we offer

    We are a UK-based company with years of experience in the water and civil engineering industry.

    We have created various bespoke solutions for a diverse list of clients ranging from: Wilmott Dixon, MOD, QinetiQ, Arup’s, Network Rail, Vodafone, British Telecom, Western Power Distribution to Wessex Water, Thames Water, Southern Water, Yorkshire Water, MWH and Trent Water to name a few.

    Richard personally sat on the technical committee to develop and design the waterproofing system for tunnelling in the Crossrail project, and Marcus, the MD of the group SPI is a NACE certified coatings inspector.

    We have a vast amount of experience in specifying, designing and helping various companies install technical solutions for asset protection and building recycling and rejuvenating. We can also offer an installation and partnering service to framework contractors, as well as technical materials solutions.

    title-image-silos-nightHere are just some of our applications:
    • Manhole & sewer linings
    • Waterproofing
    • Hazardous Material containment
    • Asbestos Encapsulation
    • Chewing gum and Graffiti removal
    • Anti-Graffiti Coatings
    • Energy efficient insulation
    • Thermal Barrier Coating
    • Roof Coating systems
    • Tank linings/coatings
    • Waste water treatment plants
    • Fuel storage & containment bunds
    • Swimming pool & Pond lining
    • Bridge coating
    • Carpark decking
    • Strengthening of structures
    • Carbon fibre plate bonding
    • Joint sealing and mastic works
    • Industrial Cleaning
    • Industrial Flooring
    • Hydro-demolition
    • Railcar linings
    • Floor Coatings
    • Abrasion resistant coatings
    • Anti-Corrosion protection
    • High chemical resistance coatings
    • Landscape & Water containment
    • Antifouling Coatings
    • Aquarium linings
    • Encapsulation coating systems
    • Concrete protective coatings
    • Concrete Repairs
    • DWI approved lining applications
    • FDA and pharmaceutical approved applications
    • NACE coatings inspection
    • Blast and Impact Wall installation

    We are a performance coatings and technical solutions company that has dealt extensively with: Liquid flat roofing · sprayed flat roofing · Sump lining · Bund lining · Tank lining · Tank painting · Tank coating · Blast mitigation coatings · Explosion coatings · Military coatings · Hydrocarbon protection · Asset Protection · Asset resilience · Environmental Lining · Tank refurbishment · Polyurea Coatings · Polyurea · Polyurea UK · Polyurea Supplier · Sprayed Elastomers · Spray Foam · Polyurethane Insulation · Polyurethane Film Set · Prop and Model materials · Prototyping Materials · Polyaspartic Flooring · Polyaspartic Resin · Fast cure resin flooring · Fast cure resin floor · Food factory lining · FDA approved Coating · Silo Lining · Sprayed waterproofing · Podium Deck waterproofing · Seamless Waterproofing · Oil containment linings · and many more…

    As the European presence of SPI Inc., we would also welcome the opportunity to look at any of the projects you require a solution for, locally or elsewhere in the EU, that involve lining or refurbishing of reservoirs, culverts, sewers, WWTW or similar.

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