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    Innovative products and solutions for the military and defence sector

    Defence & Military Coatings


    SPI Performance Coatings polyurea products can provide innovative and effective solutions to the problems faced in the defense, military and army sector, such as blast mitigation and shrapnel or debris penetration of steel or buildings.

    As leading industry experts with over 40 years trading experience, we are able to solve complex problems encountered in both small and large scale military projects. Our expertise can identify proven and new ways to use our existing technology, and devise bespoke solutions with products developed specifically for the purpose, and tested rigorously.

    Our Dragon Shield™ blast mitigating polymer represents a major breakthrough in plural component polyurea technology. Dragon Shield™ offers superior energy absorbing and fragment containment capabilities through its unique combination of high tensile strength, elongation, and strain modulus, thereby providing proven blast protection for military assets and army buildings.

    We have jointly developed an LPG Polyurea and Spray Foam Proportioner with the military, so that the blast mitigation polyurea coatings can be quickly applied by trained operatives within the field of operations.

    We hold accreditation with JOSCAR, the leading defence industry accreditation supplier. JOSCAR covers the security, aerospace and defence sectors, and is supported by Babcock, Leonardo, BAE Systems, Qinetiq, Nats and Meggitt.

    We have access to the worlds finest military coating technologies, and offer a full bespoke support service including recommendations, training of staff and installing machinery packages through to full project management and on site presence. Our NACE trained staff can guide and assist in project development and implementation as well as help with the self auditing of systems. Call now!

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