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    Humvees – US Military

    Project Title Blast mitigation protection

    Project Brief

    The US Marines were looking for extra protection from IEDs (improvised explosive device) on their Humvees. They chose SPI’s Dragonshield-HT® ERC polyurea coating for its exceptional blast mitigation properties. When applied thick enough to high hard steel, a Dragonshield-HT® ERC protective lining will help deflect blast fragments, which are the cause of most injuries, deaths and damage in an explosion.

    Our Solution

    Blast protection The 5mm high hard steel Humvee doors were prepared according to industry standards. SPI’s Dragonshield-HT® ERC polyurea coating was spray applied to the outside of the steel Humvee doors at an average of 3/8” thick.

    The coated doors were then tested against a 7.62/54R of ammo. The military considered the stopping power of a Dragonshield-HT® ERC blast mitigation solution similar to that of 9.4 mm rolled homogenous armor steel. It gave them an approximate 15% weight savings, making it easier for the Humvee to travel in rough terrain.

    The US Military purchased thousands of gallons of Dragonshield-HT® ERC polyurea coating to protect the Humvee occupants from injury while serving in theatre. Over twenty years later, SPI continues to supply the US military with unique blast mitigation solutions.

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