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    CONSOL Energy, the largest US producer of bituminous coal

    Project Title Coal Mine Corrosion

    Project Brief

    The coal mining process creates an extremely corrosive environment that accelerates the breakdown of steel from rust. CONSOL Energy, the largest producer of high-Btu bituminous coal in the United States, needed a durable protective coating system for parts of their coal mine steel infrastructure. Replacing sections of steel is a very expensive process, costing approximately £330 per metre, not including labour and safety expenses.

    It was essential to minimise any fumes and maintain internal air-quality. The project using a fast curing protective lining that would not interrupt 24/7 mine operations, and could withstand power washing to remove daily coal residue build-up.

    Our Solution


    SPI’s Polyshield HT™100 polyurea coating was selected for its corrosion resistance, high elongation and rapid curing properties. This elastomeric protective coating provides a seamless, flexible membrane that conforms to virtually any substrate shape.

    Polyshield HT™100’s hydrophobic, fast-set properties allow application in high moisture environments. In addition, this advanced polyurea coating contains 100% solids, has zero VOCs and is odorless after application. The steel substrates were cleaned and sand-blasted to provide a 159 micron anchor profile for adhesion purposes. Next, the applicator spray-applied 2mm of Polyshield HT™ with AE-4 (adhesion enhancer) to the steel surface. Using AE-4 eliminated the extra step of applying a primer, saving time and money.


    CONSOL Energy are highly satisfied with the performance of Polyshield HT™100. Mine maintenance personnel are able to power wash the anti-corrosion coating to remove coal residue and dust. 7 years on, the protective coating is as effective as ever, and promises to extend the service life of their multi-million dollar investment, while lowering their eco footprint.

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