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    Top 3 ground-breaking products featured at our next event

    The event on the 18th invites interested parties to see these three groundbreaking material science products being applied and speak to the experts:

    1. Spray Guard

    Spray Guard is an innovative way to keep assets in a pristine condition whilst they are being worked on, such as the large pieces of glass used in a car show room whilst it is being constructed, or a large piece of fabricated steel, or the deck of a ship, or a very expensive car free of scratches.

    • water-based
    • environmentally friendly
    • meets present fire regulations
    • meets current toxicity regulations
    • build to greater depth to give added protection of critical asset
    • UV stable
    • can be used indoor or outdoor

    2. EonCoat

    EonCoat is an industrial protective coating which is radically different to any other system on the market. With just one coat, you can protect your assets for their entire lifetime. No recoating, no regular downtime, no loss of earnings.

    So why is EonCoat relevant to the target audience? Mainly because it is:

    • water based
    • CFC / VOC / HAP free
    • zero fire risk
    • no microbial growth
    • salt tolerant
    • alloys carbon steel
    • self-healing ceramic layer

    3. Polyurea

    Polyurea is a fast-drying elastomer which offers superior quick-return-to-service protection for concrete and steel assets and outstanding resistance against many forms of natural and chemical corrosion, industrial-grade abrasion and impact damage.

    So why is polyurea relevant to the target audience? Mainly because it provides:

    • multiple versions
    • rapid build
    • great abrasion properties
    • CFC/VOC-free when applied
    • quick return to service

    This article covers the topics of:

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