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    ULTRA BOND-100™


    Product Description

    ULTRA BOND-100™ is a high tensile, high elongation, high build, fast-set, elastomer, specifically formulated to provide a tenacious bond to certain thermoset plastic surfaces. Unlike most spray- applied polyureas ULTRA BOND-100™ has the unique advantage of adhering to many polymeric substrates, both new and aged, typically without the use of primers or extensive surface preparation.

    Product Features

    In house testing has shown excellent adhesion to certain clean, dry surfaces including:

    • Primers past the recoat window
    • Latex rubber
    • Crumb rubber surfaces
    • Melamine
    • Firestone SBS roofing membrane
    • Epoxy
    • SBR rubber
    • Aged polyureas
    • Automotive finishes
    • Roofing
    • Glass
    • Sarnafil vinyl roofing membrane
    • Line-X bed liner

    NOTE! Polymer formulations vary. It is recommended that adhesion tests be performed before commencing any project using ULTRA BOND-100™. For adhesion verification SPI encourages you to submit your (substrate) sample to SPI to be sprayed and tested.

    Recommended Uses

    • Coating over organic primers that are past their recoat window. These include SPI POLYPRIME-100™ and EP- 100™
    • Repair of polyurea liners
    • For texturing aged polyurea
    • Top coat compatible existing membrane liners
    • Recoat urethane liners
    • Recoat over other polymer based substrates used for
    • flooring, wall covering, and infrastructure protection

    Product Colours

    ULTRA BOND-100™ is available in SPI standard colors (Sand, Medium Grey, and Black). Custom colors will be quoted upon request. It should be noted that ULTRA BOND- 100™ is an aromatic polyurea; therefore, as with all aromatics, color change as well as superficial oxidation will occur.

    Aliphatic urethane, polyurea, and other suitable topcoats can be used where long-term color stability and increased longevity in full sun exposure are of critical importance.

    Technical Data Sheet

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