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    Saniproof Liquid

    Waterproofing for wetrooms and bathrooms

    Product Description

    A polymer-based coating which dries to a flexible membrane with high crack bridging properties, for the waterproofing of surfaces in showers, bathrooms, steam areas, and wet rooms that need waterproofing prior to tiling.

    Apply SANIPROOF LIQUID with an airless paintspray machine, roller or paintbrush. No corner reinforcements are needed.

    Product Features

    • Completely continuous and seamless seal
    • 100% adhesion to substrate
    • Fast installation with airless spray
    • Very high crack bridging capacity
    • CE marked: EN14891

    Recommended Uses

    Saniproof can be applied to:

    • Concrete and concrete blocks
    • Bricks;
    • Cement-based plaster,
    • Water resistant plasterboards;
    • Existing tile floors and walls.
    • Other substrates that are suitable for wetrooms.

    Product Colours

    • Blue

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