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    Raven 410 HCR

    Chemical Resistant Epoxy

    Product Description

    Raven 410 HCR is a solvent-free 100% solids, ultra-high build “novolac” epoxy coating formulated with excellent physical strengths and excellent chemical resistance. Raven 410 HCR exhibits superior adhesion to concrete, steel, masonry, fibreglass and other surfaces. Designed for continuous operating temperatures up to 140°F in 98% sulfuric acid solution, 410’s unique ultra-high-build ability allows it to be spray applied on vertical and overhead surfaces up to 80 mils in one application.

    The surface tolerance and high physical strengths of 410 HCR allow it to be designed as a semi-structural, chemical resistant lining in pipelines, tanks and other new or deteriorated structures.

    Recommended Uses

    • Tunnels and pipelines
    • Digesters
    • Secondary containment
    • Wastewater facilities
    • Clarifiers
    • Tank Linings
    • Petroleum Tanks
    • Floors and walls

    Product Colours

    The Part A Resin is Baby Blue; the Part B Curing Agent is unpigmented. When mixed, the product is light blue. Limited special colours may be available on request.

    Technical Data Sheet

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