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    Raven 405

    Ultra-high build, solvent-free epoxy coating

    Product Description

    Raven® 405 is a 100% solids, ultra-high build, solvent-free epoxy coating formulated with exceptionally high physical properties and chemical resistance. 405 exhibits a superior bond to dry and damp concrete, masonry, steel, ductile iron and fibreglass and is specifically designed as a corrosion protection and structural enhancement lining system which can be used on and in wastewater structures, buried pipelines, tanks, and other corrosive environments.

    Recommended Uses

    Severe Wastewater Environment—New or existing concrete and steel structures where rehabilitation of an existing structure requires enhancement of the structural integrity and where exposure to concentrated acids and caustics may be expected. Also, designed to reduce the Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) to sewer collection systems.

    Product Colours

    The Part A Resin is white; the Part B Curing Agent is blue. When mixed the product is light blue. Limited special colours may be available on request. Discolourations and yellowing can and will occur upon exposure to UV (exterior applications). Discolouration or down-glossing does not affect performance.

    Technical Data Sheet

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