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    K5 HI-TEMP™


    Product Description

    K5 HI-TEMP™ is a high-strength, abrasion resistant polyurea, developed as a resilient polymer to withstand higher contact temperature than conventional polyurea elastomers. K5 HI-TEMPTM can be sprayed on to virtually any surface configuration, at any thickness. Therefore, it can be selectively applied to high-wear areas.

    Product Features

    Self priming on most substrates.

    Impact absorbing properties.

    Sound dampening noise control properties.

    Low temperature flexibility.

    Seamless, monolithic application.


    Compliant with FDA/USDA for incidental food contact.

    Recommended Uses

    Abrasion resistant liner for:

    • Chutes and Hoppers
    • Silos
    • Screw Conveyors
    • Slurry Tanks, and Pipelines
    • Truck Liners
    • Cyclones
    • Classifier and Shaker Screens

    Use K5 HI-TEMP™ with or without broadcast aggregate to provide a tough durable flooring system

    Product Colours

    K5 HI-TEMP™ is available in SPI standard colors (Sand, Medium Grey and Black). Custom colors will be quoted upon request. It should be noted that K5 HI-TEMP™ is an aromatic polyurea; therefore, as with all aromatics, color change and superficial oxidation will occur.

    Aliphatic urethane, polyurea, and other suitable topcoats can be used when long-term color stability and increased longevity in full sun exposure are of critical importance.

    Technical Data Sheet

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