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    Product Description

    DRAGONSHIELD-BC™ polyurea represents a breakthrough in plural-component spray applied polymer technology. This ultra high-strength polymer was developed specifically for blast mitigation and fragment/spall containment. *Tests conducted on DRAGONSHIELD-BC™ protected surfaces compared to unprotected surfaces document that DRAGONSHIELD-BC™ will significantly reduce damage caused by blast effects.

    Properties include:

    Ultra high tensile strength

    Moderate elongation

    Superior tensile modulus

    Excellent tear strength

    Moderate hardness

    * Test reports are available upon request from SPI to qualified entities.

    Product Features

    • 100% solids. No solvents. No VOCs.
    • Fast-set: Handle in five minutes or less
    • High Build: can be sprayed to virtually any thickness inone application
    • Hydrophobic: therefore unaffected by humidity andextreme temperatures during application
    • Extended tack time: allows deep surface penetration *
    • High temperature stability to 200° F (121°C) withintermittent temperatures to 300° F (148 °C)
    • Excellent abrasion resistance

    * SPI AE-4 ad-mix may be incorporated into DRAGONSHIELD-BC™ to enhance adhesion to certain surfaces in lieu of primer

    Product Colours

    It should be noted that DRAGONSHIELD-BC™ is an aromatic polyureas, therefore, as with all aromatics, color change and superficial oxidation will occur.

    Aliphatic urethane, polyurea, and other suitable topcoats can be used when long-term color stability and increased longevity in full sun exposure are of critical importance.

    Specialty Products, Inc. Polymeric (Aliphatic) Top Coat (PTCTM) is available in Military Tan, Olive Drab, and other colors. PTC™ has a high gloss finish. (Available in matte finish upon request).

    Technical Data Sheet

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