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    Staingard Rapide

    2-component, polyaspartic polymer for sealing concrete surfaces

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    Staingard Rapide

    Staingard Rapide is a 2-component, polyaspartic polymer specially formulated for sealing concrete (and other) surfaces prior to the application of sprayed polyurea protective coatings and tanking membranes and sealing the surfaces of resin bonded anti-slip treatments to improve durability and ease of cleaning. The product is solvent-free (“Ultra-Low VOC”), light-stable with good low-temperature cure and…

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    EPL – 1.5™

    EPL-1.5™ is a high-strength, self-leveling, semi-rigid polyurea elastomer. Due to its high tensile strength, tear strength, and tensile modulus, EPL-1.5™ is very resistant to deformation with over 400% elongation. This optimal balance of physical properties makes EPL- 1.5™ an ideal choice of polymers for filling or repairing construction joints, random cracks, joint faces, and spalls….

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