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    Permanent corrosion protection for carbon steel

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    Permanent corrosion protection for carbon steel: it’s real and it’s available now

    Imagine if there was a performance coating capable of protecting your carbon steel assets from corrosion for the duration of its life, in just one application.

    EonCoat offers a radically different approach to carbon steel asset corrosion protection and forms the latest in our portfolio of high-performance industrial protective coatings. That’s right, this technology is available now.

    Let us explain.

    Unlike conventional industrial polymer coatings which form a sacrificial mechanical bond to the steel, EonCoat phosphates the steel it comes into contact with, forming a two-micron thick amorphous magnesium iron phosphate layer. In other words, instead of enrobing the asset in a protective blanket, EonCoat becomes part of the steel.

    As a second line of defense against corrosion, a white ceramic layer forms over the alloyed surface to create a reservoir of phosphate corrosion protection – a dual-pronged attack which outperforms all other market leading steel protection systems.

    By chemically bonding to the surface of the steel and making it non-reactive, EonCoat isn’t susceptible to scratching or abrasion in the same way as a polymer coating, making it ideal for even the most hazardous of industrial, infrastructural or marine environments.

    Goodbye repeat downtime, hello peace-of-mind

    With just a single application to worry about, you can say goodbye to the regular downtime which is synonymous with polymer paint systems, safe in the knowledge that EonCoat’s performance is not compromised by real-world abrasion. In fact, when tested using a Tabar machine, EonCoat was 16 times more wear-resistant than polymer paints and up to 9.6 times tougher than epoxies*.

    *Tested on a Tabar machine with an abrasion wheel for the measurement of .001” wear, polymer coatings took 75 cycles, epoxies took 125-250 cycles and EonCoat took >1200

    Fast application and rapid return to service

    Applied using a standard plural component industrial spray system, the coating is administered at a thickness of 20mils and dries in minutes – so that’s minimal labour costs, a quick return to service and no further re-applications for some of your most crucial assets.

    Completely fire resistant

    Because it is completely inorganic, EonCoat also has a flame spread rating of zero – it simply will not burn, even when exposed directly to flames. In fact, the only way it will become fire damaged is if the substrate behind the EonCoat ignites from heat.

    EonCoat in action – worldwide

    From offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico to oil pipelines in China, industries from around the world are already switching their asset protection specification to EonCoat. The energy and marine sectors as well as the industrial, heavy machinery and infrastructure industries have been fast on the uptake, protecting a multitude of different structural, mechanical and storage assets. Here’s a snapshot of some key assets which are already benefiting from EonCoat’s 30-year protection guarantee:

    • Floating tanks
    • Oil and natural gas pipelines
    • Metal processing equipment
    • Industrial plant
    • Pumps
    • Compressors
    • Turbines
    • Rebars
    • Railways
    • Marine docks
    • Offshore platforms
    • Ships
    • Earth moving plant

    Ready to switch to EonCoat?

    We are the registered distributor of EonCoat for the UK and Europe, so if you’re ready to switch to EonCoat for the complete protection of your assets, or you want to discuss your requirement in more detail, call us on 0800 0921 232 or take a look at the EonCoat spec sheet for more information.

    Don’t forget, we offer a range of performance coatings to suit all asset protection requirements, including polyurea and polyaspartic technologies, polyurethane and epoxy treatments and of course, EonCoat. Call us for more details or take a look at the products or solutions sections of our website.

    EonCoat – what you need to know

    • EonCoat offers complete corrosion protection for carbon steel and comes with a 30 year performance guarantee
    • Upon application, EonCoat phosphates the steel it comes into contact with, forming a two-micron thick amorphous magnesium iron phosphate layer – becoming part of the steel
    • Application is fast via a standard industrial plural component spray system, it dries in minutes and lasts a lifetime
    • SPI Performance Coatings is the registered distributor for EonCoat in the UK and Europe


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