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    Cotswold Wildlife Park

    Project Title Waterproofing the concrete pond

    Project Brief

    Cotswold Wildlife Park has one of the most extensive reptile collections in the whole of the UK. They house the Green Anaconda, one of the largest snakes in the world, as well as a selection of highly poisonous varieties. They are also the only collection in Europe that plays host to Morelet’s Crocodiles. With such a prestigious collection of reptiles, the Wildlife Park wanted to ensure that a tank housing the animals was of the highest standard. They needed a protective lining solution that could completely seal the 15x15m concrete pond, providing a waterproof protective coating to prevent any corrosion or abrasion. SPI’s Polyshield HT™ 100F was chosen for its reliable waterproofing properties, and its ability to form a performance coating guaranteed to stay effective for years to come.

    Waterproof concrete pond problem

    Our Solution

    First, the concrete surfaces were smoothed using hand grinders, with all dust and excess material removed by vacuum. The surfaces were then wiped down with acetone to remove any remaining traces of dust. Staingard Rapide, a 2 part primer, was mixed and applied to the surfaces to prepare them for the performance coating. Once the primer had dried, a top coat of Polyshield HT™ 100F was applied using spray applicators. Thanks to the Polyshield’s fast-drying properties, two coatings were able to be applied quickly and with minimum disruption to the running of the park. Once the coatings had set, a mild detergent was used to wipe down the surfaces of the pond and remove any excess chemicals.

    Waterproof concrete pond solution


    The high performance coating was applied quickly and efficiently, and the pond was returned to service with a minimum of delay. Cotswold Wildlife Park were satisfied that the new protective lining would protect the concrete from any erosion by either water or daily use. 18 months on, the polyurea coating remains effective, and the park remains confident in their choice of SPI.

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