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    Secondary Containment for Hazardous Waste Drum Storage Pads

    Project Title Sealing of concrete storage pads that used to store hazardous waste drums

    Project Brief

    Project: Secondary Containment for Hazardous Waste Drum Storage Pads
    Location: Newtown Square, PA
    Owner: Lyondell Chemical
    Coating System: PolyShield HT™ HP/UV with AE-4 (adhesion enhancer)
    Total Area: 2,415 m2
    Completion Date: March 2000


    Concrete storage pads used to store hazardous waste drums had developed cracks throughout the surface. The cracks allowed water to permeate the pads and contaminate the soil.

    The original clear sealer was failing, and the owner needed a reliable protective lining that would prevent any further seepage.

    Our Solution


    The owner had previously used SPI’s products on another job with good results. They trusted SPI’s Polyshield HT™ high tensile polyurea coating to bridge the cracks in the concrete and seal any leaks. The surface was prepared using a high pressure water blaster (40,000 psi) to remove the failing sealer, and to create an ideal profile for adhesion. A Polyshield HT™ protective coating with AE-4 (Adhesion Enhancing Formula) was applied at 1.25 mm, eliminating the need for a primer.

    This was followed by an additional polyurea coating into which a sand aggregate was broadcast to provide a skid resistant surface.

    Secondary Containment for Hazardous Waste Drum Storage Pads


    The owner was impressed with the results, and publicised the project throughout the company. SPI’s performance coating effectively sealed the concrete pads and prevented any ground contamination. The anti-corrosion coating was easily applied, and remains the company’s go-to protective lining. Today, 15 years after the project was completed, SPI’s polyurea coating remains as effective as the day it was applied.

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