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    Washington State 2017

    Project Title Pad Lip of Concrete Grain Silo

    Project Brief

    Grain silos are a common sight in the Washington State farming community. The grain bins typically have a lip around them when they are set onto a concrete pad. This area is susceptible to corrosion due to a number of environmental factors. Moisture, pooling, puddling and freeze-thaw cycles can all shorten the lifespan of these containers. The owner wanted to find a protective lining that would extend the service life of the silos. They chose SPI for their track record in providing performance coatings that can withstand the harshest climates.

    Our Solution

    The substrates were prepared according to industry standards. SPI’s Envelo-Seal™ 2.0lb polyurethane foam was used to insulate and resurface the area. The applicators created a beveled edge that would protect the silo lip during damaging freeze-thaw cycles. Envelo-Seal™ also allowed for moisture and water run-off in the area, mitigating corrosion and extending the service life of the bin. Finally, the Envelo-Seal™ polyurethane foam was top coated with an elastomeric polyurea coating to protect it against the elements.


    The silo owner was more than satisfied with the final results. SPI’s high performance coating promised to protect the silo from the worst of Washington’s particularly harsh climate. The combined system is projected to extend the service life of the silo by at least 15 to 20 years.

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