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    Featuring Polyshield HT100F - UB™ 101

    Project Title The Marlborough House – Seattle, Washington

    Project Brief

    The roof of Seattle’s historic Marlborough House required a leak-free roof coating solution. As one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, it was essential that the work was of the highest quality, and capable of withstanding the city’s famously inclement weather. The project owner decided to use SPI, aware that the company has four decades of experience as a polyurea supplier, and offers a 25 year guarantee on all projects.

    PROJECT: The Marlborough House
    LOCATION: Seattle, Washington
    OWNER: Broadstone Domaine, LLC
    APPLICATION: Vector Construction
    COATING SYSTEM: Polyshield HT100F-UB™ Polyurea 2.5mm
    TOTAL AREA: 372 square Metres
    COMPLETION DATE: July 2008

    Our Solution

    The project owner considered a number of options, but SPI’s reputation as a trusted provider with a reliable, long-term guarantee made them the first choice. A Polyshield HT100F-UB™ polyurea coating was selected for its high elongation and tensile strength properties. The original roof material was removed, leaving exposed concrete and bitumen residue. Transitions included brick parapets, concrete and wood curbing, metal flashing, and cast iron pipe.

    Polyshield HT100F-UB™ unique characteristics allow the protective coating to encapsulate virtually any shape or size. This lets it provide a truly seamless performance coating that seals the substrate and locks out water. The entire roof area was tented and enclosed to ensure Seattle’s weather didn’t interfere with the project.

    Cracks were prepped and filled, and the area was coated with a tar conversion epoxy primer. Polyurethane foam was used to smooth out the rough parapet wall and for slope correction. Next, the applicator applied 2.5mm of SPI’s Polyshield HT100F-UB™ polyurea coating on the roof, parapet wall, and all penetrations. The applicator then added an acrylic topcoat for U.V. protection.


    The building owner was delighted the contractor completed the project on time. Thanks to the performance coating’s ease of application, even the worst of Seattle’s weather caused no delays.

    Polyshield HT100F-UB™ provided a complete roofing membrane that moves with the concrete expansion and contraction during annual weather cycles. Marlborough House now has a dependable system in place that will withstand years of exposure. SPI are confident that their protective coating will live up to its 25 year guarantee – and here we are in 2017 and so far, so good!

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