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    Texas, 2017

    Project Title Concrete Leveling Electrical Lift Station

    Project Brief

    The sunken concrete at a city’s electrical lift station was in need of either repair or replacement. The work had to be completed quickly, for minimal interruption to the service. Rather than carrying out a costly and time-consuming replacement, the local municipality chose an experienced concrete lifting contractor to make repairs. The contractor selected SPI’s Eco R↑se™ 3.0lb geo-technical polyurethane foam system for the concrete leveling. Eco R↑se™ 3.0lb foam is designed to fill voids beneath the surface, and is available in a variety compression strengths. It is the ideal choice for a quick application that provides the necessary support.

    Concrete Leveling Electrical Lift Station

    Our Solution

    Once the voids were located, 5/8” holes were drilled through the concrete to access them. Injection ports were placed in the holes, and Eco R↑se™ foam was injected through them, leveling the concrete. Due to the fast application time of the Eco R↑se™ 3.0lb geo-technical polyurethane foam system, the entire project was carried out in 4 hours. As a result, the fully repaired concrete was able to be returned to service in the minimum amount of time.


    By choosing to use Eco R↑se™ 3.0lb to repair the concrete, the client was able to save time and money on costly replacement work. The project was able to be carried out in the minimum amount of time, and the lift station was returned to service within hours. As a result, further money was saved by limiting the amount of time the station was out of operation. This long-term solution saved the client thousands of dollars and created minimal service interruptions, while guaranteeing that the sunken concrete would remain in tact long into the future.

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